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July 25, 2008


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» Livin' Life: A Napster Musical from Conservative Cat
Bruce, Peg-Eye Nate, and The Girl Who Feeds Me all use the Napster music service. Bruce has very strong opinions about copyright law, so he refused to even allow the original Napster in the house, but once they became legitimate,... [Read More]

» Caylee Anthony May Have Been Killed... from Shadowscope
Update - July 25th 2008 6:45PM Here is the missing persons poster from the child rescue network for Caylee Anthony I was wondering initially why the police made such a big deal about decomposition in the car and what made... [Read More]

» Fingerpointing from Phastidio.net
Italian Reform Minister Umberto Bossis giving the finger to Italys national anthem led to an outcry earlier this week, but on Friday it was his supporters who were outraged by Ryanairs running of an advertisement showing the minist... [Read More]

» Vietraq Returns! from Pirate's Cove
The Associated Press gives it the old college kindergarten try: Iraq Wars Price Tag Nears Vietnams The total cost of the Iraq war is approaching the Vietnam Wars expense, a congressional report estimates, while spending for militar... [Read More]

» Vietraq Returns! from McCain Blogs
The Associated Press gives it the old college kindergarten try: Iraq Wars Price Tag Nears Vietnams The total cost of the Iraq war is approaching the Vietnam Wars expense, a congressional report estimates, while spending for militar... [Read More]

» The 86th Anniversary of the 'Mandate for Palestine' from Rosemary's Thoughts
This anniversary was on July 24, 2008, but I have been too busy until now to post this. (I'm still busy, but this is very important.) This is a part of history which must not be forgotten. Not now. Not ever [Read More]

» AQUABATS! SUPERSHOW! from The World According To Carl
Courtesy of Boing Boing comes the video of the pilot for the Aquabats live-action/animated TV show. I’ve been a fan of this California band for quite some time now and have even mentioned them on this blog before. ... [Read More]

» Some GOP Senate Candidates Skipping Convention - Why? from The Pink Flamingo
[Read More]

» Some GOP Senate Candidates Skipping Convention - Why? from The Pink Flamingo
[Read More]

» Sincerity vs political calculation from Mark My Words
While it is expected that a politician will make decisions based, at times, on mere political expediency, there are moments when such calculations are no better than working an abacus with your eyes closed and after a drunken frat party. ... [Read More]

» One bad apple, so let's punish the entire class from Mark My Words
Apparently a particular journalist has never experienced the injustice that such knee-jerk reactions entail. Or, not having the courage to confront the real problem directly, and lacking support from a culture that may not have the stones ... [Read More]

» AP writers now admit: "U.S. is now winning the war in Iraq." from Right Truth
ROBERT BURNS and ROBERT H. REID, Associated Press Writers: "US now winning Iraq war that seemed lost". I'm wondering what Barack Obama et. al. will have to say about this? The icing on the article is, "Beyond that, there is something in the air in I... [Read More]

» The World Doesnt Need a President from Adam's Blog
Podcast Show Notes Godspeed to one of Congress true patriots, Senator Tom Coburn who is suffering an irregular heartbeat. German reaction to Obamas speech is a cause for concern and ridicule. (Hat Tip: The Corner.) An anti-gun Congressw... [Read More]

» that was a short trip! from Cao's Blog
A gigantic mosque is under construction in my home town. For the past two years, the Islamic Mission in Streamwood has been promoted by CAIR Chicago. But we have a very very small muslim community here. So if its not Streamwood ... [Read More]

» News Opinion Roundup (27 July 2008) Sunday Buffoonery from Democrat=Socialist
I dont know how I missed this one. Ted Nugent on Americas energy quagmire. Ted for Prez! Ted spends time with the troops Cant remember where I found this but if you have a few minutes head over and take the F-... [Read More]

» BREAKING: Major Local Flooding from The Pink Flamingo

» Obama Runs for PresidenT of the World from Woman Honor Thyself
The racist, arrogant, condascending junior Senator from Illinois should be running for “Surrender Champion” not President of the greatest Nation on Earth. ... [Read More]

» My Wifes Birthday Celebration At Rodizios from The World According To Carl
As I mentioned in the Open Trackback Friday (July 25, 2008) post, Saturday was my wife’s birthday. She got to pick the place for her birthday dinner so she chose a South American steakhouse named Rodizio’s. As their website states: ... [Read More]

» Friendship from Leaning Straight Up
We pause in our political blogging for some personal reflections. I got an email from an old Military friend today. It made my day. A big shout out to Eric, and congrats on making Chief! Hope I get down your way soon. It ... [Read More]

» News Opinion Roundup (28 July 2008) from Democrat=Socialist
A side of Cindy McCain you may not have heard of. What has Michelle Obama done with her life beside write racially charged senior thesis and campaign for her husbands Marxist ideals? And if the presidency were decided on the looks o... [Read More]

» They say laughter is the best medicine from Mark My Words
So oft repeated, without question, yet has the cliché status of that statement hidden a pernicious effect? Perhaps some will laugh at even the notion that such is possible. Just such a reaction that helps illustrate what will be discussed ... [Read More]

» Finding Clarity - Are Senate Democrats bypassing debate using a procedural trick? (not really) from Leaning Straight Up
The headline at Michelle Malkin's siteimplies something very daunting: The Donkey Congress is allergic to debate Conservative stalwart Sens. Tom Coburn and Jim DeMint blew the whistle last week on a new report from ... [Read More]

» Saving Obamas Kogelo Secondary School from Democrat=Socialist
Double Plus Undead (still zombie free) has made me aware of another lie, broken promise, whatever youd like to call it, made by the Lord and Savour, BHO.  So to help out, included below is all the info you need to help out and I encourage you a... [Read More]

» Doozie of the DaY: Bali Bombers from Woman Honor Thyself
Bombers seek ‘execution without pain’. Awwwwwww. Do they now? ... [Read More]

» News Opinion Roundup (30 July 2008) from Democrat=Socialist
Another reminder of Obamas Global Tax Scheme. Cuil. Could this be a real alternative to Google? Great stuff JS and FHK crew! Home schooled in California?  Dont plan on attending a federally funded university then. For parents of public ... [Read More]

» A tale of a speech and a mustache from Mark My Words
And lo, a cry went forth across the land. Never before had such words of eloquence been spoken. Indeed, if one dared, hope could be felt more tangibly than ever thought possible. Redemption for all, healing and change would soon wash over ... [Read More]

» He means his ears are bigger - right? from Mark My Words
Seriously, what else could it be? ... [Read More]


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