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May 29, 2008


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» On Obamas Circle Of Hate: “Funny how these longtime acquaintances of his keep “surprising” him with incendiary racial rhetoric.” from Right Voices
Another sprinkle of racism from Camp Obama Michelle Malkin adds: Pfleger, who until recently was featured on the Obama campaign website as a spiritual endorser, was back at Obama’s Trinity United Church this weekend mockin... [Read More]

» Wednesday Hero: Master Sgt Brendan O'Connor from Rosemary's Thoughts
There are many unsung heroes these days, and that is the shame this press will have to bear. As for us, we shall continue to bring you true Heroes each Wednesday. Trust me, there are way more than I bring to your attention. They are the heroes [Read More]

» And we're off to the races with ALMA from Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker
Tropical Storm Alma formed today right off the Nicaraguan coast as the first tropical system of 2008 in the eastern Pacific. The storm has already knocked out power and caused flooding in low lying areas. [Read More]

» Supporting the Susan G. Komen National Race for the Cure! from Diary of the Mad Pigeon
19th annual 5-K Susan G. Komen National Race for the CureYes, sometimes the Mad Pigeon uses his powers to do good! As in 2006 and 2007, I'm wholeheartedly posting a public support message for my friend Chris Barron and the [Read More]

» How Today's Conservative Leaders Betrayed Ronald Reagan from The Pink Flamingo

» More Outrageousness At Trinity UCC from Rhymes With Right
And this time, I've even met the perp! Let's look at the hate speech being spewed in the sanctuary this time -- with an introduction from Barack obama's NEW pastor, not Jeremiah "I didn't know he was that extreme" Wright.... [Read More]

» Why Federalism Isn't The Answer To The Gay Marriage Issues from Rhymes With Right
I am generally supportive of allowing states great latitude in how they approach various issues. That's federalism, after all, and is one of the great principles underlying our system of government. That said, here is an example of why the... [Read More]

» The blogosphere is Dunkin common sense over a scarf from Leaning Straight Up
Again, I apologize, I seem to have been missing for another week or so. Life is like that, sometimes. Chalk it up to some needed down time and a family reunion. So one of the 'big' stories on my return to the blog world was the who... [Read More]

» Help Kat help our troops from Rosemary's Thoughts
Dear Kat is having time of it trying to collect 5000 cards to send to our troops. Okay, I may not be able to type, but I have her permission to use her email. You've helped us before to help the troops. Please help us to send a note of appreciation [Read More]

» NEWS ROUND-UP (30 MAY 2008) from Democrat=Socialist
Due to overwhelming support for the News Roundups I will do my best to get one out every day. Pro-lifers should be happy in Colorado today, I have a feeling that no matter how many citizens vote against child slaughter, the courts will somehow p... [Read More]

» You have one day to live ... what do you do? from Right Truth
This is a question asked often in Christian churches and Sunday School classes, "You find out you only have one day to live, how do you spend that day?" The obvious religiously-correct answer is, "I go visit all my friends... [Read More]


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