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April 24, 2008


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» Flight 93 Blogburst 4.23.08 from Rosemary's Thoughts
Angry over the Islamic symbolism contained in the Flight 93 Memorial Design, which appears to honor both the heroes and the terrorists, a group of concerned citizens asked Harry Beam (Lt. Col. U.S. Army Retired) to lead an organized effort to have th... [Read More]

» We are seeing more warnings about Cooling from Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker
We are seeing more and more reports regarding the threat of Global Cooling and even an impending Ice Age. The global warming alarmists right away jump to their usual claim that the data is being "cherry-picked" while discounting the effect that the s... [Read More]

» A Cold, Dark Place for a Football Game from Conservative Cat
Yesterday Bruce and Nate traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin to see the women of the Chicago Force take on the Wisconsin Warriors. Unlike their trip to Madison, Wisconsin two weeks ago, there was no April blizzard to greet them; however, it... [Read More]

ESCAPE FROM A BROOKLYN MOSQUE By Bos Smith Bos Smith in front of Masjid At-Taqwa Don't snap a photo of the Masjid At-Taqwa in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn unless you want to be hauled away by a group of [Read More]


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