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March 16, 2008


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» Obama's Nation of Islam Connections and other Sunday Reading from Right Truth
The Pastorgate Scandal and the Wreckage of Obama's Campaign, from Bill Rojas via email: How long it will take for the "God Damn America" story to "die down" is anyone's guess. The potential exists for many more "revelations" because the [Read More]

» March Madness Begins from 123beta
Download a printable 2008 Men's basketball bracket (.pdf).Trackposted to Stuck On Stupid, The Amboy Times, Right Truth, Stageleft, and A Newt One- pictures and video from Eagles Muster, thanks to Link... [Read More]

» What Happened to the Fearless Jew? from Planck's Constant
In the 40s and 50s we denied habeas corpus to unlawful combatants and nonresident aliens captured and imprisoned abroad - We survived those curtailments of our freedoms didn't we? [Read More]

» News List: ME, SW Asia, suicide bomber from Rosemary's Thoughts
A short list of news articles from US Central Command ... [Read More]

» Obama’s Friends and the Friends of Hannity, Tancredo & Malkin from The Pink Flamingo
[Read More]

» Happy St. Patrick's Day Open Trackback from Rosemary's Thoughts
This is a Conservative site, but Liberals are welcome to share your best work. (No Bush-bashing please.) There are many things we have in common. Post a recipe, a good book, movie, etc. We shall all be civil. My only rule is no porn. Have a great St.... [Read More]


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