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January 05, 2008


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» Where is Meredith Emerson? from Shadowscope
For the last few days I have been trying to stay updated on the Meredith Emerson case. Meredith is a 24 year old hiker who disappeared from Blood Mountain just a few hours north of me. I have hiked the Blood Mountain area several times over the last t... [Read More]

» Is Romney Sanctioning the Dirty Tricks? from The Pink Flamingo
[Read More]

» Fred Thompson wins NH debate from Mark My Words
Being a Fred head, I'll let others make the case ... [Read More]

» Fred Thompson wins NH debate from Mark My Words
Being a Fred head, I'll let others make the case ... [Read More]

» 'Whiskey 4 My Men, Beer 4 My Horses' from Rosemary's Thoughts
This is a beautifully created video using Toby Keith's song, 'Whiskey for My Men, Beer for My Horses.' It is very moving and touching. If you are a whoos like me, I recommend a tissue or two. You will be filled with pride, and you will also find ... [Read More]

» Barack Obama - Inspirational Speaker from Right Truth
Do we really want an inspirational speaker for President of the United States? Because that's all that Barack H. Obama is. No substance, no plan, no experience, no nothing -- except that he makes a certain group of people FEEL [Read More]

» Sunday Reading List, January 6, 2008 from Right Truth
I would like to start the New Year out with an inspirational Sunday Reading List. The first article is a must read. The individual who mailed me the link said: "Scott Grimshawa is a member of the Air National Guard [Read More]

» "Real Housewives" and "Too Large on the Implants" from Truth in Cosmetic Surgery Blog
This week the "Real Housewives of the OC" featured a woman who had old breast implants reduced and her breasts lifted. A number of plastic surgeons were asked to provide commentary. I did so but my comments were not used. Nevertheless, the issue is w... [Read More]

» Further Risks of Energy Saving Bulbs from Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker
An excellent expose on the dangers of energy saving bulbs was provided by Conservative Thoughts in "The Risks of Energy Saving Bulbs". There are real environmental issues that are being created in an attempt to chase this ghost of global warming. I r... [Read More]

» Not Offending "Certain People In Our Society" from Rhymes With Right
I wonder who that would be. Perhaps the same folks who have threatened to murder the artist whose works were pulled from an art exhibit in the Netherlands? THE Dutch were debating the limits of freedom of expression last week... [Read More]

» The Nine Plagues of Egypt from Rosemary's Thoughts
Each time Moses and Aaron would go to Pharoah to tell him what the LORD of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob had spoken to them, Pharoah would ask Moses to pray for him to relieve him of any plague. Moses would do so, but Pharoah would harden his heart and n... [Read More]

» VA ALERT: Christians need not apply or get sick from Rosemary's Thoughts
Why do I suggest that people of other faiths bother with what appears to be Christian problem? Because if the USA government, which was created upon Judeo-Christian principles, can eliminate God-given rights for us, then they can take away your right... [Read More]

» McCain Still Doesn’t Get it and Huckabee Never Did from Faultline USA
Even now, as much as the Democrats have fought it, immigration must be on the front burner in the national elections. Every other issue can be co-opted by the Democrats but not the fight against illegal immigration. If we keep illegal immigration on ... [Read More]


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