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January 07, 2008


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» Democratic Presidential Candidate: Safer to "Trip" from Wake up America-
We already knew that Gravel would like to see pot legalized, his own website shows his positions on the subject clearly, but to tell a group of high school students at Phillips Exeter Academy, that marijuana is safer than alcohol, while marijuana is ... [Read More]

» Swiftboating Mitt, Hillary Weeps, Ron Paul Freaks Attack Hannity from The Pink Flamingo
[Read More]

» Bio-fuels, Food, and Politics from Right Truth
I have not heard the presidential candidates say much about energy, climate change, and the effects on the human food supply by increasing use of biofuels. It's an important topic, since both humans and livestock need corn and grains to [Read More]

» The Wizard Series Part III: Dusty Old Tomes from Diary of the Mad Pigeon
I'm writing a book. I've had a living, breathing world bouncing around my head since 1994, and when I started dreaming about the characters I knew it was time to put the world to paper. But unlike art, where my [Read More]

» 01/08/08: Memetics from Conservative Cat
Killing a man does not destroy an idea.... [Read More]

» Meredith Emerson Found from Shadowscope
Updated - 12:10PM - Just some more video, nothing really new in the case yet. Updated - Tuesday January 8th 8:33 AM. An autopsy is scheduled for today on Meredith Emerson, hopefully more information will be forthcoming on the University... [Read More]


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