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November 14, 2007


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» Political Unrest in China: China's Muslim Problem from The Virtuous Republic
If anyone thinks that opening trade with China in the 1970s and sending our industrial base to them since has moderated their godless communist system of government is mistaken. China is still red. It might look capitalist on the outside, but on the ... [Read More]

» Episode 1: New DNA #1 from Conservative Cat
Here you see the first episode of Barb Gigamaster's latest comic strip. I'm hoping this can be a weekly thing, but Bruce says I'm not allowed to interfere with her schoolwork. (I love the man, but sometimes his priorities are really odd.) [Read More]

» Conservative Group Think Blogging from The Pink Flamingo
[Read More]

» 1st Air Cavalry troopers hit their 200th Phase-OTB from Rosemary's Thoughts
Gone are the days of taking apart toys for these Soldiers and civilians. Now are the days of contributing to an important job in Iraq that directly affects the daily aerial missions. They take their job seriously and the 200 phases are a result. So, ... [Read More]

» When Did Espionage Become an Immigration Issue? from The Pink Flamingo
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» House Passes Anti-War Bill from Faultline USA
“House Democrats pushed through a $50 billion bill for the Iraq war Wednesday night that would require President Bush to start bringing troops home in coming weeks with a goal of ending combat by December 2008." [Read More]

» Counter-intelligence withered on the vine? from Right Truth
Here's the situation: TSA Suspicious Incident #177,reports that the pilot and crew reported four passengers targeted the bathroom and tampered with the mirror. Annie Jacobson reports: (U//FOUO) On 24 October 2007, crewmembers aboard a Reagan-Washington... [Read More]


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