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August 03, 2007


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» Political Party Symbols Democratic Donkey jackass from Public Domain Clip Art
At various points the Lincoln administration banned 'Copperhead' papers from the mails. Republican infringements of civil liberties generated more support for Peace Democrats. The Lincoln administration suspended habeas corpus and arrested or detaine... [Read More]

» Wear Red on Friday Round-Up from Blue Star Chronicles
Link dump and open trackbacks MOSTLY celebrating our fighting forces! HOOAH!!!!! (Other types posts accepted, however). [Read More]

» Weekend Open-Trackback Post for August 4-5th from Shadowscope
I don't have much of anything intelligent to post this morning (that's a change, huh?). I spent most of the morning surfing sites I haven't been to before and answering some emails and am still just sort of dragging... [Read More]

» The Knucklehead of the Day award from The Florida Masochist
Today's winner is Robert Brown. [Read More]

» Islam and the West, will it succeed here in the U.S. (new Pew polls) from Right Truth
Muslims in the United States are demanding special rights and privileges, simply because they are Muslim, and they want your tax dollars to pay for those privileges. This seems to be part of a plan to gradually give a higher [Read More]

» I'm relaxing today from Rosemary's Thoughts
As you may or may not know, I am in the process of moving all of my blogs (except DoD Daily News-2) over to this blog. I am doing this because it is just too much work for me to pay as much ... [Read More]

» Two Examples of Why We Need to Secure Our Southern from The Virtuous Republic
Crimes committed by illegal aliens are crimes, that for the most part, are almost entirely preventable. The problem is that our elites support cheap labor. Unfortunately, that lust for low paid help means that your life and liberty and property are ... [Read More]


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