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June 18, 2007


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» ILLEGAL Aliens Commit Additional Felonies from Big Dogs Weblog
It isnt bad enough that the ILLEGALS aliens entering this country break the law in getting here and continue to be law breakers throughout their stay, they are now committing arson in order to get in. According to the Washington Times, ILLEGALS... [Read More]

» From the Silly News desk from The Florida Masochist
Some news from Germany. Don't you just love turnabout? BERLIN (Reuters) - A would-be German thief went from predator to victim when he tried to mug a taxi driver but ended up having his own wallet snatched instead. [Read More]

» BREAKING: The Battle for Iraq is on - from Yon from Maggie's Notebook
Michael Yon is reporting on a new and fierce battle for Iraq, with Baquba at the heart. To me, today as I read his dispatch, Michael's reporting seems as it must have felt when Americans heard that Pearl Harbor was bombed, or as each major battle com... [Read More]

» Florida 23rd news from The Florida Masochist
Even if Hastings loses, don't expect much change in representation in Washington DC. The 23rd is a heavily Democratic district. Whomever is elected will legislate accordingly. [Read More]

» Have conservatives learned nothing? from Perri Nelson's Website
As conservative outrage against the illegal-alien-amnesty-act of 2007 continues unabated I'm noticing a disturbing trend. [Read More]

» Amnestys Flaws from third world county
rewarding outlaws for their behavior while punishing law-abiding persons is immoral ... [Read More]

» Escape and Evade or Making War to Keep Peace from DeMediacratic Nation
An essay by Karen Hanretty at NRO this morning argues that “ [Read More]

» Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst 061907 from Freedom Folks
Low protest turnouts, a bad thing? 100% Preventable! Do deportations keep us safe? We investigate in this weeks Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst. Vote for us at RCPHere. Please remember the agents! Noe Aleman, Agents Ramos Compea... [Read More]

» The Pigeon on Fresh Water Access from Diary of the Mad Pigeon
People gripe and b***h about how expensive water is; but by God, they're gonna have their lush, green lawns! [Read More]

» Just a Coincidence or is China Trying to Poison Us from Webloggin
Toy drums coated with red paint were found to contain excessive levels of lead. About 4,500 of the Elis Small Drums and Libertys Large Drums were recalled. They were sold in gift and collectible stores nationwide and were imported by Boyd... [Read More]

» Paul Potts from Woman Honor Thyself
Finally something sweet from the U.K ... [Read More]

» I Now Understand Muslims from Pirate's Cove
Their dirty little secret is that they are all pyromaniacs. Everything they do involves some sort of fire. And they will use any excuse to burn something. Consider Outrage over Salman Rushdies knighthood threatened to ignite across the Muslim w... [Read More]

» When Will It End? from Conservative Cat
Every now and then, I'll read stories about the fighting in the Middle East, and Peg-Eye Nate's disgust with the human race makes sense to me. It doesn't last long, because there is simply too many good people in the... [Read More]

» Tell Your Story on the Military Channel from Right Truth
The Military Channel wants your videos: TELL YOUR STORY ON THE MILITARY CHANNEL (pdf alert) You've seen hundreds of videos sent by friends through email or on YouTube. You've also seen plenty of military news stories, movies, and tv shows. [Read More]

» Bloomberg Goes Independent? from A Blog For All
People think that this signals his first step towards running for higher office - the Presidency - in 2008. I don't see it happening. We already have a bunch of candidates who talk like him, sound like him, and are pushing policies just like him. The... [Read More]

» The Knucklehead of the Day award from The Florida Masochist
Today's winner is Pakistan's Religious Affairs Minister Ijaz-ul-Haq. [Read More]

» The Knucklehead of the Day award from The Florida Masochist
Today's winner is Pakistan's Religious Affairs Minister Ijaz-ul-Haq. [Read More]

» Knock em, Mock emJihadis from Ironic Surrealism
-Velvet Hammer And the crowd goes wild!!! To be expected, as Team USA has by golly knocked mo-toons block right off. Clean off. Ouch.. thats got to hurt. Who said he was the bomb? LMIAO No matter, hes been defused ... [Read More]


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