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April 03, 2007


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» Birthday Linkage - Perfect Timing, As Always from Overtaken by Events
The onset of the first cold I've had in years has coordinated itself perfectly to ensure that it will be much more difficult to enjoy my birthday. That's right. Today is the day that all the world celebrates my existence.... [Read More]

» Is America a Democracy? from Wake up America-Surrender is NOT an Option
Do not try to "excuse" your wrong answer by trying to tell yourself or me that you somehow "misunderstood the question" [Read More]

» Peaceful Students Attack Rove from Big Dogs Weblog
... [Read More]

» John McCain, D-AZ from Pursuing Holiness
A big story this week is whether Kerry or McCain initiated the conversations where McCain was invited to be run as Kerrys VP. I dont care who initiated it. The point is that its plausible. People hear this story and dont ... [Read More]

» Illegal Kills Teenage Girls from Pirate's Cove
So, you say you want to be disturbed this Wednesday? I will be happy to oblige (from an email from Grassfire,org): The illegal immigration crisis hit tragically close to home this past Friday evening when Alfredo Ramos, an illegal alien crashed into th... [Read More]

» Full Text of a Confidential Communication Sent to Me by Mr. Kevin Dan from Conservative Cat
I always appreciate spam that combines blind stupidity with an admission of complete dishonesty. Here's the latest example. Goodday, I am Mr. Kelvin Dan, Banker of Williamson and Smith bank in london. Please reply me back at kelvindan@gawab.com I am... [Read More]

» Very Active' 2007 Hurricane Season from Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker
Back in December, Dr. William Gray's team at the University of Colorado originally predicted 14 named storms including 7 hurricanes, three of which are expected to be major (Cat 3+). Today the team revised its predictions upward. Seventeen tropical s... [Read More]

» Heh. This is rich from Potbelly Stove
If the EU dupes are so convinced of their ability to swing Nature around, let them take the first step. [Read More]

» Yippi-kay-ya, Mother F***** from Mark My Words
Another Die Hard movie is coming out. While it would be nice to see John McClane taking on Islamofacists, it still looks to be good fun. [Read More]

» BorN Believing? from Woman Honor Thyself
Is the feeling for a Supreme entity thus inborn? A belief in something greater than ourselves…. ... [Read More]

» The Knuckleheads of the Day award from The Florida Masochist
Today's winner are the Veteran's Administration, plus Dr. Dean Norman and medical resident John T. Leppert. [Read More]

» Subliminal algebra from The Florida Masochist
A hidden curriculum? The course is set by the teacher in the classroom, not the text book. A textbook is an aide, but without proper instruction its useless. On the other hand a bad textbook can be overcome by a good or exceptional teacher. [Read More]


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