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March 22, 2007


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» The Uncooperative Radio Show! March 23, 24 and 25, from The Uncooperative Blogger
You never know what I am going to be talking about, But you can always count on Illegal Immigration and Gun Politics being discussed every weekend. For the rest of it, you will just have to tune in, or wait for the podcast. The podcasts automatically... [Read More]

» Even in Canada, the Liberals Love the Enemy from The Virtuous Republic
Prime Minister Stephen Harper went into attack mode in the House of Commons on Wednesday, accusing the Liberals of caring more about Taliban prisoners than Canadian troops. [Read More]

» The Personal Training Birthday Present from Planck's Constant
Dear Diary...For my sixty fifth birthday this year, my wife (the dear) purchased a week of personal training at the local health club for me. Although I am still in great shape since playing on my college tennis team 45 years ago, I decided it would be... [Read More]

» Good Stuff Thursday from 123beta
Time again to feature select posts from some of my favorite bloggers... [Read More]

» Mr. and Mrs. WhaT? from Woman Honor Thyself
Not too long ago, when young girls were growing up, they actually looked forward to becoming Mrs. So and So..the name of the man of their dreams. ... [Read More]

» Open Topic of the Week: Global Warming from Diary of the Mad Pigeon
Share your thoughts on global warming! [Read More]

» THURS MAR 22 Those Adorable Lying Democrats from The Pink Flamingo
I’ve had a discouraging day. O... [Read More]

» Nifong's Witch Hunt To End from Perri Nelson's Website
Mike Nifong's trumped up case against the Duke Lacrosse players is about to come crashing down... [Read More]

» I had a dream from third world county
No, really, a dream. In this dream, all the hyphenated Americans were barking and snarling and having a big old dog fight. You know, kind of multiculturalism writ plainly ... [Read More]

» The Knucklehead of the Day award from The Florida Masochist
Today's winner is Foxy Brown. [Read More]

» British Marines Seized from High Desert Wanderer
This isnt going to end well LONDON, England (CNN) Fifteen British Marines on patrol in the Persian Gulf have been seized by the Iranian navy, the British Ministry of Defense said. - CNN.com Trackposted to Outside the... [Read More]

» North American Union Here Now: Part 3 from Faultline USA
Aggressive attempts to merge the nations of the United States, Canada, and Mexico are currently underway. This can be done via “deep integration” without any action by congress! [Read More]

» Fun In Liberal World: Protests and British Marines from Pirate's Cove
Would it be mean to say she is bugly? (Butt ugly) And, dude (or woman), do the names Soros, Clinton, Kennedy, Kerry, Reid, Pelosi, Nomsky, Nader, Moore, and Edwards mean anything to you? Now, on to the Britishmarines taken by the Iranians.... [Read More]

» Amazing Trees. from stikNstein....has no mercy
BEAUTIFUL..ASPEN All of the trees (technically, stems) in this colony are genetically identical (meaning, they’re exact clones of one another). In fact, they are all a part of a single living organism with an enormous underground... [Read More]

» An Unreliable Ally [Weekend Open Trackback] from Phastidio.net
Daniele Mastrogiacomo was freed on Monday in exchange for the release of up to five Taliban prisoners being held by the Afghan government. Our prediction was correct, unfortunately. An unnamed official in the administration of US President George W. Bu... [Read More]

» Tomato or Tomaahto OpenTrackback Weekend from Woman Honor Thyself
Multiculturalism continues to dominate the thinking of ours as well as Eurolemming society. ... [Read More]

» Menu Foods Toxin May Have Been Identified from Conservative Cat
According to ABC News, the current theory for the reason that Menu Foods products have been killing animals is that the wheat gluten was contaminated with a rat poison called aminopterin. Aminopterin is not legal for use as a pesticide... [Read More]

» German judge rules Koran allows wife abuse from Conservative Thoughts
Is Germany now under Sharia law? ... [Read More]


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